Uni Accommodation – get it sorted!
24 August 2017

On the big, long list of things to sort before you eventually ship off to uni, where you’re going to live is going to be an especially big thing you want to tick off. There are many routes to sorting out your accommodation, most universities up and down the country will tend to have halls … Continue reading Uni Accommodation – get it sorted!

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Shared Occupancy Insurance for Uni Students
17 August 2017

You’ve put in the hard graft, you’ve got your results and you’re off to uni! Off on your own on a brand new adventure, meeting brand new people and getting ready to stuff your your head with some brand new knowledge. You might well do some partying too, you know, if you get the time. … Continue reading Shared Occupancy Insurance for Uni Students

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London’s newest ‘Skinny House’ could sell for £2.7m
11 August 2017

Plans to build ‘The Skinny House’ in a small alleyway in Fitzrovia has just been given the green light from Westminster council, and the plans are pretty incredible. The full specifications designed b HOK architects are 1,500sq/ft, and they are managing to squeeze that much into a space that is just 3.1 metres wide, and … Continue reading London’s newest ‘Skinny House’ could sell for £2.7m

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Earth Overshoot Day
2 August 2017

There’s a good chance that you probably don’t know what Earth Overshoot Day is, and you could be forgiven for that. Essentially, it’s the day of the year that is marked by what point we use up a full year’s worth of our planet’s resources that it can’t renew, and usually comes up very short of … Continue reading Earth Overshoot Day

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