Earth Overshoot Day
2 August 2017


There’s a good chance that you probably don’t know what Earth Overshoot Day is, and you could be forgiven for that. Essentially, it’s the day of the year that is marked by what point we use up a full year’s worth of our planet’s resources that it can’t renew, and usually comes up very short of the full twelve months, and is getting shorter every year. However, it’s something that we probably should all be paying attention to you, especially because it’s something we can all do something about in little ways.


Earth Overshoot Day is today. August 2nd 2017, and the trends are showing that it’ll rapidly get earlier and earlier. In fact, if the entire world were to live like citizens of the UK, the overshoot day would only be the 4th of May. Here are some tips that give, to see how we can help in our own little ways.


  1.  Eating or consuming less meat

Overshoot aren’t asking you to become a vegetarian or a vegan, but if you already are then you’re miles ahead of the curve in saving the planet terms. Meat takes far more natural resources on a mass scale, including water and grains, to produce for human consumption than fruits and vegetables. Cutting your consumption of meat, even down to a couple of times a week, will reduce the amount of meat sold in supermarkets and be of benefit to the overall environment. Also, reducing your meat intake has been purported to have a bunch of health benefits, which is also good.

  1. Renewable Energy

Once again, Overshoot aren’t asking you to slap a great big solar panel on your roof and install a geothermal-biomass generator in your back garden – but if you want to, or you do already, that’s all good too. Getting a percentage, or all, of your energy provided by renewable energy sources is something you can do very easily, especially when you’re switching your electricity tariff. Multiple companies like OVO, Bulb, EDF, NPower and the such all offer all-or-part renewable tariffs, which is grand.



  1. Skipping the car


We know the impact that personal cars have on the environment, but as expected, they’re not asking you to completely bin off the car. Again, it’s trying to cut it down, and it’s appreciated that it’s not always possible. However, just using public transport in the place of your car once or twice a week can drastically cut your carbon footprint and walking/cycling/running to work makes this all the better.


  1. Contribute to your local town/city planning 

    This is quickly becoming an issue as cities grow across the globe, and as a result more and more people live in urban areas. As such, it is becoming more and more important that we get involved with town planning and informing policy. With the input from citizens from the local area, be it through attending forums or through submitting suggestions on planning, ensuing that local city or town planners consider the ecological and environmental impact of their actions goes a long way to ensuring a sustainable living environment.


Overall, Earth Overshoot Day is a stark reminder of humanity’s impact on the world, and through little things that we can all do at home, we can help buck the trend and push it back.