London's newest 'Skinny House' could sell for £2.7m
11 August 2017

Plans to build ‘The Skinny House’ in a small alleyway in Fitzrovia has just been given the green light from Westminster council, and the plans are pretty incredible. The full specifications designed b HOK architects are 1,500sq/ft, and they are managing to squeeze that much into a space that is just 3.1 metres wide, and it is expected to fetch a price of around £2.7m upon completion according to Jonathan Hudson from Hudsons Property.

Skinny House 1
The ‘Skinny House’ will consist of four storeys, and have a ground level courtyard, a fourth floor terrace(which will have views of Regents Park), an open plan kitchen/diner from the lower ground floor and somehow will manage to fit three bedroom and two bathrooms.

Skinny House 3

The alleyway previously was used as a path between the now-defunct Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and the main Euston Road, and the residence will be slid in between a pub and an office block.

Skinny House 2

The approved designs have been praised by architects, planners and estate agents alike, and lay the high price tag on it’s innovative use of space, proposed luxury and the location.