Off on holiday? Keep your home safe!
25 July 2017

Crime scene - criminal thief or burglar hand in gloves holding metal crowbar break opening home door lock

The kids are now off school, you’re counting the days until your two weeks off on holiday to the Algarve, but one thing’s still playing on your mind; how are you going to keep your home safe? Home safety is something that worries us day-to-day, let alone when you are miles away from your house for a week or two, and a lot of what we do everyday can send the wrong messages to people who would potentially look to break into your home.

Aside from the obvious; making sure that all of your doors and windows are locked, and there are no spare keys hanging around outside. Here are 5 easy, affordable tips that you can sort out quick and easily so you can relax with ease, knowing your home is safe on holiday.


  1. Get to know your neighbours


As the Small Faces sung, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to get on wiv me neighbours?’, and it turns out, they’re right. Getting chummy with those strangers who live next door can prove more useful than just being able to ‘nab their big ladder’ or guaranteeing that your child’s ball will be lobbed back over. Having a trusted friendly party pop over every now and again while you’re on holiday to clean up free newspapers or leaflets or possibly give your plants a bit of a water every couple of days keeps your home looking like it’s being ‘lived in’ and reduces the target for potential thieves. Also, it means they can keep an eye on everything, just in case they notice someone snooping around or something amiss around the property, they can notify the police on your behalf.  


  1. Sign up to Royal Mail’s Keepsafe service


Getting someone to pop round every so often to clear your post away can be a bit unreliable, so for the time that you’re away, Royal Mail can hold you post until you get back with their Keepsafe service. The service can keep your post for up to 66 days, which is more than enough for even the longest holidays, but at it’s lowest level, it costs only £14.00. Making sure your important bank statements, bills and payslips are left unattended for a week or more is definitely worth that.


  1. Invest in some timer switches


No matter how much your neighbour might pop over to check over everything, it’s still rather hard to make your home seemed ‘lived in’ while on holiday. Some people try and opt to leave their lights on for the entire time they are away but not only will this look highly suspicious, it’ll cost you a pretty penny too. Buying a couple of £12 timers for lamps – or possibly even radios or TVs – that can come on at programmed times, you can put doubt in any potential robber’s minds.


  1. Don’t broadcast everything on social media for goodness sake.


We know how tempting it can be to ‘Check In’ to to the airport on Facebook to brag to your mates. But when most burglary is attempted by someone who is known to the victim, letting everyone know that you’re not going to be in your house for an extended period of time usually isn’t the best plan. It’s best to just not do anything while you’re away altogether, it’s best to save the boasting for when you get home when you can show off your mega-tanned body live and in the flesh!


  1. Make sure your home insurance cover is valid

If you feel that your current home insurance doesn’t offer what you need, or you would like to upgrade your current Fresh Home policy to make sure you’re covered in the eventuality of an event while you are on holiday – make sure you get in contact with us, or get a quote today.