Ood are designing the future of hotel rooms
7 July 2017

Ood_home (EDIT 1)

When someone sees the word Ood written down, you’d be forgiven if your mind doesn’t instantly turn to the likes of the Dr. Who villain. However, this Ood (Stylised as ÖÖD) is  an Estonian housing company creating gorgeous prefab homes  that are dead-set to revolutionise the short-stay market.

Ood_home (EDIT 2)

In this travel market that is dominated by Air BnB, and a multiple range of pretenders – people are growing weary of the standard ‘bed and breakfast’ or ‘bog-standard hotels’ and are looking for a more homely approach to their abroad accommodation. Those with annexes, outhouses or prefab pop-ups are reaping the rewards, and if ÖÖD’s claims are to be believed, anyone could be on their way to something similar in a matter of 8 hours construction time.


They’re by no means large structures, they are roughly only 200-square feet and pretty much everything is packed neatly into one skandi-designed room; complete with double bed (with a pull out single spare underneath), fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, and even potentially a decking with a plumbed-in hot tub. But the inside isn’t where the ÖÖD prefab hotel room shines, it’s the striking mirrored panelling on the outside, that would make a short stay in one of these absolutely fantastic.

Ood_home (EDIT 4

These little beauties are currently marketed at a crazy low £32,000 – which includes the installation of the water, electricity and sewage, and then your dream accommodation business is on track! Not only does this create some incredible implications for the future of short-stay hoteling around the world, but also for the housing market, and the creation of cheap affordable housing in areas that need it the most.