Shared Occupancy Insurance for Uni Students
17 August 2017


You’ve put in the hard graft, you’ve got your results and you’re off to uni! Off on your own on a brand new adventure, meeting brand new people and getting ready to stuff your your head with some brand new knowledge. You might well do some partying too, you know, if you get the time.

But, before you get there, there’s a big ol’ list of things you need to get done which can be quite daunting. Amongst other things like getting endless cheap pots and pans, cool things to hang on your wall and cleaning bits that you’re never going to use, getting your accommodation sorted is going to be high on your list.


Whether if you’re off to your university’s halls of residence, private student accommodation or even maybe privately renting your own flat or house, spreading your wings from your parents is always a big deal, and can be incredibly exciting but daunting.

Not only is it a chance for you to get some much needed life experience, along with your education experience, but it’s also a great chance run life by your own pace; cooking your own dinners, staying up as late as you want, cleaning up your own mess, keeping your home safe and looking after your own stuff.

And that’s a big step.

When you’re living on your own, peace of mind is always the most important thing. When you’re out and about, or at lectures, you’ll want to know that your flat and your stuff is safe at home. It’s a bit of a scary statistic that 1 in 4 students are reported to be victims of property crime up and down the country, in fact, they’re the group that is more likely to experience it than any other. But Fresh Home can help to give you the safety net that you need, should anything go wrong.

It can be difficult for students to insure themselves when they’re living at uni – mostly because you’re living with people who aren’t related to you, bit weird really – but Fresh Home Shared Occupancy insurance makes it very simple for you to make sure your flat and your stuff is protected, so you can get on with all those much more important things like 9am lectures and society meetings.
So head on over to and see what we can do for you – it could be the best pre-uni decision that you make.